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a Revolutionary institution of modern dance

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Repertory Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation, performance, perpetuation, and appreciation of modern dance.


RDT is the nation’s oldest and most successful repertory dance company. Unlike conventional modern dance organizations, we present you with a diverse range of modern dance styles and choreographers paired together in dynamic and unexpected performances.

New viewers often ask us what to expect from an RDT performance. We tell them grace and athleticism, beauty and power. Beyond that, we tell them to embrace the unexpected. So, what is RDT Dance all about? Simply said, we are about art. Art in motion, expressed through our bodies as modern dance. Art that in its immediacy and intimacy can be both thrilling and profound. Art that challenges you, and art that you won’t see coming.

For more than 50 years, RDT has pushed the boundaries of modern dance, while preserving and celebrating its legacy. It was radical when Utah modern dancers beat out the big city stalwarts to receive a Rockefeller grant establishing us as the nation’s first repertory dance company. Today, we’re just as revolutionary as we were in 1966.


the Dancers

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The Staff



Kanita Lipjankic Chair Celtic Bank
Jaelynn Jenkins

Vice Chair

Fetzer Simonsen Booth Jenkins
Joanna Johnston Treasurer BDO USA, LLP
Jonathan Vaas Secretary Adobe
Linda C Smith Ex Officio Repertory Dance Theatre
Katrina Baird   Moog
Rusty Bollow Former Chair Colliers International
Paul Chung   McGillis School
Skye Lazaro   Lazaro Law Group
Lindsay Mattes   Hoyt Archery
Amber Mettler   Judge, Utah Third Distirct Court
Ghazal Palmer   Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
Grace Pusavat   Parsons, Behle & Latimer
Hadley Rampton Former Chair Phillips Gallery
Margaret Steele   Trial Tech
Karen Thompson   Equity Real Estate - Solid
David Tundermann Former Chair Retired, Attorney
Lynne Wimmer   Retired, Professor of Dance
Natosha Washington   Northwest Middle School (Salt Lake City)
Cynthia Yeo


The National Advisory Board

Kay Clark Raine San Francisco
Robert Redford Sundance
Suzanne Call Ferry Corinne
Bonnie Phillips Salt Lake City
Nicole Guillemet New York City
Nancy Knell Osborn Cedar City
Boyer Jarvis Salt Lake City
Anand Yang Seattle
Stephen A. Goldsmith Salt Lake City
Dave Jones Salt Lake City
William (Bill) Evans Providence, Rhode Island
Ivan Weber Salt Lake City
Alice Larkin Steiner Salt Lake City
Richard Jaffe, MD Salt Lake City
Alan Henry "Skip" Branch Salt Lake City

Annual Report

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Press Kit

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