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RDT's Annual Choreographer Competition: Fundraiser & Gala

February 24, 2018 // Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center





Or call 801.534.1000


The clock is ticking, the dancers are sweating, the choreographers are frantically creating and the audience is partying. It must be RDT's annualĀ REGALIA, a fundraiser that asks the audience to award a commission. The performance culminates with a lively shindig and dancing on stage to big band music by the Joe Muscolino Band. Not to be missed!

VIP Tickets ($75)
Arrive for cocktail party as early as 6:30 pm


  • Cocktail party and early sneak peek of choreography (includes all drinks)
  • Early access to auction items
  • Performance
  • Dessert on stage
  • Dancing on stage with The Joe Muscolino Band


Performance Tickets ($50)
Arrive to watch choreography in process as early as 7:00 pm


  • One signature cocktail (or beverage of choice)
  • Performance
  • Dessert on stage
  • Dancing on stage with The Joe Muscolino Band


How It works

  1. VIP Cocktail party

    Toast to RDT with a signature cocktail, wine or beer. Wander around the studios to watch choreographers work. View auction items and enter initial bids.

  2. Final Touches

    Place your final bids on auction items. Wander to studios to see choreographers put final touches on pieces.

  3. Performance

    Enter the theatre and watch all four pieces be performed. After seeing all four pieces, you will have a chance to vote with your wallet to determine which choreographer will be assigned a commission for next year. Watch each piece and vote (with your number) for your favorite. In order to vote during this time you will have to have a registered number.

  4. Dancing & Dessert

    Everyone is invited on stage for dancing with The Joe Muscolino Band and dessert. Voting will continue.

    The 2018 COMMISSION will be awarded at 10:00 pm.


Regalia Sponsors & In-kind donors